Do you hear the wind in the pine trees?

I had become good at saying goodbye to things, places and people. Until he disappeared. Suddenly saying goodbye felt like something entirely new.

Les Miennes

As the youngest among my five sisters, I am aware that I carry a dark legacy from their past.

hold on to her

A film about care and solidarity in the face of deadly border regimes

Il Pleut Dans La Maison

between the recklessness of adolescence and the harshness of adult life


A metaphorical journey of human wandering


Sometimes time moves so slowly…

Das Retirée

or the last house of my father

State Of Play

” We don’t play for fun. We play for work. “


How a posh seaside resort became the mythical gathering place for experimental filmmakers.

The Sound Of Belgium

The rich but untold story of Belgian dance music.

Nostalgia for the Future

Did it really happen? Is it true?
It didn’t really happen. But it is true.

Reach For The SKY

Can one day shape the rest of your life?

Van Eyck: The Temptation of Reality

The Ghent Altarpiece by
the brothers Van Eyck


Two women walk the path so many others have abandoned.


You might not know us. You might not see us.
But we are training. All over Europe. All over the world.

The Sound of Seoul

A music documentary series on the history of K-Pop

Sunrise Kids

The nail that sticks out must be hammered down
– Japanese proverb –

We’re Going The Same Way

Father and son share simple dreams and a lifetime on the road.


A modern tale about a lot of bad luck and a tiny bit of bliss.

I Am Golden Karen

Victims of the past are not hindrances, but essential parts of Burma’s future

Dream Box

At a building in the midst of mysterious Japanese woods, a delivery of cats and dogs takes place.

The Brussels Business

Who runs the European Union?

Between the Devil and The Deep

An abalone poacher. A dead son. A broken love story…

Inside The Metaverse

Before, the real world was all there was